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For most owners or managers of commercial establishments Storm drains are not typically the first thing on your mind.

But they are an essential component to keep  your facility running and flowing seamlessly.  For many reasons it is essential to maintain your storm drains, but to save you time, we have narrowed it down to 5 quick bullets.

  1. Prevent Structural Damage To Your Establishment

A backed up pipe, swale, or storm drain can not only cause flooding, but is detrimental to the foundation of your business’s facility and structure. Leaking, or flooding water will end up damaging your structure, or facility by leaking out of damaged pipes, or catch basins. This can lead to water damage, settling structures, or even potholes in your parking lot.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance Is More Cost Effective Than Emergency Repairs

Waiting until there is a visible problem with your storm drain will cost your business a lot more money than taking preventive measures and maintaining your storm drains annually during the dry season. Staying up to date with scheduled maintenance will keep your discharged water cleaner, and ensure that you will never have to worry about flooding, or pollutants entering our waterways from your establishment.

  1. Don’t Wait For An Emergency, Stop The Flooding Before The Waters Rise

Our Beautiful Emerald state only has its name because of one thing, rain, and lots of it for that matter. Did you know that our state gets an average of 73” of rain a year? That’s nearly double the national average. Due to such a high volume of rain, flooding can happen very easily and quick. It can be scary and a big hassle to clean up. The number one way to prevent flooding into your business, or facility is by being diligent with your storm drain maintenance.

  1. Make A Difference By Preventing Pollution Into Main Waterways

Stop pollutants from entering our local waterways. Not only can you get fined if you are caught being irresponsible for such a matter, but you are also giving back to our ecosystem by doing your part in preventing pollution.


  1. Keep On Top Of Your City And State Requirements To Avoid Penalties

Every city and state has its own rules for business owners. In the state of Washington we not only have to worry about industrial and urban pollution running into our drains, but we also agricultural waste. Prevent added costs from fines by researching local laws and regulations as well as contacting Greenfield Services or your local Vac-Truck Company to assist you in meeting these standards.

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