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Catch Basin Renton


Greenfields Services Inc. has teams of highly trained technicians providing expert services for catch basin cleaning in the Renton, WA area.

Catch basin cleaning involves the removal of sediments laden with debris from storm water catch basins to maintain the flow of surface water into the storm system. Regular maintenance of catch basins is necessary to ensure they function properly.

Our team of experts will provide you with catch basin cleaning services in Renton area that meet your needs.

We are highly regarded by our customers because of:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Highly experienced and dedicated team of technicians
  • Our excellent customer satisfaction
  • Being a licensed, insured and bonded company

Catch Basin Drain Renton


Catch basins contain water. Water in a catch basin rises to a certain level inside the basin and then drains into an outflow pipe, which is a storm sewer. A catch basin needs to be vacuumed and cleaned before the dirt rises and plugs the outflow pipe. Removing this debris prevents pollution and expensive flood damage to residential, commercial and municipal properties.

As your trusted catch basin cleaning company, we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year while serving Renton and all outlying areas. Our catch basin cleaning professionals are fully trained and equipped to handle any needs you have.

People choose us because:

  • Our professionalism
  • Fair and honest estimates by our team
  • Provide safe disposal of all types of catch basin debris
  • Up to date equipment and methods

Renton Catch Basin Cleaning


Catch basins are part of a rainwater runoff system, designed to trap dirt and debris and not contaminate the system’s drainage pipes. Catch basins should be cleaned regularly to prevent build up, flooding, and damage to Renton area properties.

The elimination of sediments, debris or other materials from a catch basin helps ensure proper function of a drainage system. Regular maintenance of a catch basin can also reduce the risk of contaminating or polluting the local waterways.

We are well known and recognized organization in the market because:

  • Quality systematic cleaning services
  • Hi-tech methodologies used
  • Guaranteed work

Do not forget to get your catch basins in the Renton area cleaned on a regular basis. Call Greenfield Services, Inc today at (253) 200-4220 to schedule your cleaning.