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Commercial Utility Emergency Olympia


Commercial companies need to make sure that their utility and sewer lines are working properly so that employees and customers do not have to face unpleasant and unhealthy situations. However, issues with the pipelines or the sewer lines can occur at any time, requiring emergency services. You can count on Greenfield Services, Inc. for commercial utility emergency services in Olympia, WA.

Being an established contractor, we provide commercial utility emergency services that include:

  • Industrial pipeline repair
  • Sewer repair
  • Storm drain cleaning
  • Emergency excavation services

Our skilled and experienced crew cater to any commercial utility emergency service you may need. We use the latest technology and method to clean the drains, sewer lines and storm drains.

Industrial Pipe Repair Olympia


Leakage or breakage in pipes can be a real problem for commercial properties, costing hundreds of dollars in utility bills if they go undetected. Broken or burst water pipes can also cause property damage and health hazards. Call in a professional company for your commercial utility emergency services. We are highly experienced professionals providing industrial pipe repairs service in the Olympia area.

You can expect the following experience with our company:

  • Work done efficiently and within the scheduled time
  • Use of the best materials and techniques
  • Skilled and experienced work crews

Industrial pipe repair is a complex process involving complex piping systems and large-scale operations. Our crew, with years of experience in the field, handles industrial pipe repair services with ease. They will find the issues with your commercial pipes and repair them quickly and effectively.

Excavation Services Olympia


If you have recently acquired new property and you want the land to be cleared for foundation building, you will need excavation services. Other projects that require excavation services include new construction, clearing property, creating new sewer systems, and foundation development. Get in touch with us. We are professionals that provide excavation services in Olympia.

Count on us for excavation services in Olympia for any of the following reasons:

  • Site preparation
  • Land clearing
  • Commercial utility emergency sewer digging
  • Structural excavation

We use the best machines and equipment for our excavation services. We offer high-quality work, finished on time.

Do you require industrial pipe repair or excavation services in Olympia? Call Greenfield Services Inc. at (253) 200-4220.