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Commercial Utility Emergency Puyallup


Commercial establishments cannot afford to have long downtimes as this affects workflow and reputation. For this reason, they need to carry out all repair work, including industrial pipe repair or sewer cleaning services, outside of normal working hours. However, emergences can come up any time. It is important for a commercial property owner to have a professional emergency services contractor available to call anytime for required services.

This is where we can help. Greenfield Services, Inc. is the ideal company to call for any commercial utility emergency services in Puyallup, WA. We offer fast, efficient, high-quality commercial utility emergency services that will get your business:

  • Fully functional
  • Free of any sewer or drainage problems
  • Up and running again with minimal downtime

We understand the importance of finishing the work quickly and efficiently. Our well trained crew uses the top diagnostic techniques to find problems and quickly apply commercial utility emergency services. We ensure that your commercial work environment is back up and running quickly.

Industrial Pipe Repair Puyallup


Problems in underground pipes do not occur overnight. Minor issues turn into major issues over time. If routine maintenance and repairs are not taken care of, pipes can break or burst creating a problematic situation. Whether it is the sewer pipe or the water pipe, you will need commercial utility emergency services done by the professionals for industrial pipe repair.

Rely on us for efficient industrial pipe repair services in Puyallup. We use top quality:

  • Techniques and tools
  • Workforce teams
  • Materials
  • Spares

We also provide excavation services if the industrial pipe repair requires digging to reach compromised pipes. For areas difficult to excavate or dig, we use the trenchless techniques as well. You can trust us completely to do what needs to get done quickly in any situation requiring excavation.

Excavation Services Puyallup


Getting to pipes using excavation services is usually the way to go, but many a times this is difficult due to the lack of space. Trenchless excavation techniques are very useful in such situations. Trenchless excavation services are also useful in the Puyallup areas for land clearing, digging for a new sewer system or preparing a residential or commercial site for further development.

Call us for excavation services in Puyallup. We are:

  • Professional and courteous
  • Deeply committed
  • Highly experienced

We never cut corners as far as workmanship and quality services are concerned in our approach to commercial utility emergency services.

For any excavation services or industrial pipe repair services in Puyallup, call Greenfield Services, Inc. at (253) 200-4220.