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Commercial Utility Emergency Tacoma


Do you have a commercial building that requires contractors for utility services? If so, then you hire our professional technicians for commercial utility emergency services in Tacoma, WA. Our list of services includes everything from excavation services to industrial pipe repair.

We take on all project types, irrespective of complexity. So when you need to hire industrial pipe repair technician or excavation services contractor, call Greenfield Services Inc.

Looking to understand why you should select our contractors for your commercial utility emergency in Tacoma?

  • We provide affordable services
  • Skillful technicians who can handle complex jobs
  • We offer emergency commercial service assistance

Industrial Pipe Repair Tacoma


Issues related to industrial pipelines need to be fixed immediately. These pipelines serve a much larger population than a residential one. Therefore, hiring our industrial pipe repair team will allow you to eliminate risk and help mitigate further damage. Our services for commercial utility emergency are accomplished by skilled, professionals teams.

Our commercial utility emergency service providers are licensed and certified. You will enjoy absolute security when hiring our team for industrial pipe repair or excavation services projects. A few scenarios that would require our technical help with industrial pipe repair in Tacoma:

  • Tree roots are damaging the pipe
  • Pipe is rusted and weak
  • There is possibility of leakage

Excavation Services Tacoma


We offer outstanding excavation services to local businesses in the area. For commercial utility emergency service, we have a dedicated team that works specifically on these projects. Whether you want to move materials from one place to another, or need to locate an industrial pipe repair issue, we will be able to provide you quality excavation services quickly and effectively.

We begin each project with site preparation and grading. Then our excavation services team determines a quick and effective solution for our customer. We also have a land clearing option available which is done at the very end of the project completion. Below are a few more facilities you can hire us fore, on top of our excavation services in Tacoma:

  • Vacuum truck
  • Trencher
  • Drain cleaner

To hire our commercial utility emergency contractors in Tacoma, call Greenfield Services Inc. on (253) 200-4220.