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In the Puyallup, Washington area and surrounding communities, Greenfield Services, Inc. has developed a reputation for its outstanding excavation services. Our expertise in this field is the result of decades of hard work and dedication to quality in excavation contracting services.

Excavation is used when materials need to be removed from a jobsite, and this can take several forms. Greenfield can handle any job, large or small, thanks to our flexibility and the skill our technicians have in getting projects done on time and on budget. Over the years, we have tackled many projects, including:

  • Site preparation and grading
  • Structural excavation Sewer system digging

Excavation Services Puyallup

The task of excavation isn’t as simple as removing dirt. The knowledge and experience of our field technicians gives them the skills to understand many factors in excavation jobs, including depth, grade, drainage, and material removal.

No matter what the project, our team is equipped with the machinery and the know-how to get it done right. Greenfield is the industry leader in excavation companies in the Puyallup, Washington region.

Excavation Contractors Puyallup

Traditional excavation operations are suitable for many construction and maintenance projects, but they are not always the ideal solution when dealing with underground utilities of a sensitive nature. These utilities can include buried gas lines, communications cabling, or drinking water piping networks. For these jobs, Greenfield is proud to offer hydro excavation services.

For this service, specialized trucks are used to remove soil and debris from around utilities, foundations, or other delicate structures. Rather than a toothed digging instrument, these specially-designed Vactor trucks use a combination of high-pressure water jets and powerful vacuum suction, breaking up soil and removing it to be disposed of offsite or back into the excavated area.

Greenfield’s Vactor trucks are also perfect for our expert vacuum truck services. This service is ideal for clearing out sewer systems or storm drainage networks, removing debris safely using the same water jets and suction hoses as in the excavation projects. Performing vacuum drain cleaning is safer and more effective than other means of debris removal, and Greenfield has many years of completed jobs and satisfied customers under our belts.

Our full range of excavation and vacuum cleaning services help us stand out from the competition, and make us the best choice for excavation contracting in northwest Washington State. Call us today at (253) 384-0559 or contact us through the web for a quote on your next construction excavation project.




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