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Hydro Excavation Tacoma


Hydro excavation services should be used for areas that have underground utility pipelines or wires. It is a good idea to used hydro excavators for such places rather than traditional excavating machines. Doing so will reduce the chances of damage. If you want a professional hydro excavation team in the Tacoma, WA area, then give us a call at Greenfield Services Inc.

We can help you with your hydro excavation services needs using cutting-edge tools, machines, and vehicles. When you give us a call regarding a job, we will respond promptly. Our hydro excavators start by analyzing the area and then providing you with a written estimate of the work to be done.

To provide quality hydro excavation service in Tacoma, we use machines and tools like:

  • Powerful water jets
  • Vacuum cleaning & suction machines
  • Containment storage tanks

Hydro Excavation Services Tacoma


To complete hydro excavation services seamlessly, we send over only skilled and reliable technicians. Our hydro excavators have years of experience and are also certified to handle heavy machinery with ease. Moreover, while performing hydro excavation services, we also follow all safety regulations and measure properly.

If you need to have a piece of land excavated that has gas lines or main communication lines, then using hydro excavation is highly recommended. To add to this, we use special containment tanks to collect the material excavated from the area. This can either be disposed of off-site or placed back into the area if required. You can give our hydro excavators a call anytime to learn more about our hydro excavation service.

Use our hydro excavation service around the Tacoma area for digging in places that have underground:

  • Water pipelines
  • Electric wires
  • Drainage lines

Hydro Excavators Tacoma


When you hire our team for hydro excavation services, you can be sure that they will only provide top quality results. Our hydro excavators are dedicated to serving customers and fulfilling their job requirements professionally.

In short, we have the right knowledge, tools, and years of experience when it comes to handling even the most critical hydro excavation jobs. We offer hydro excavation services for both commercial and residential properties. We are experienced on projects of all sizes.

Our hydro excavators near Tacoma are the most sought after because they are:

  • Highly skilled
  • Experienced
  • Well trained

To hire our hydro excavators near the Tacoma area, you can call Greenfield Services Inc at (253) 200-4220.