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Jetting Sewer Lines Puyallup


Hydro jetting sewer lines is the process of sewer cleaning using a low volume of water under high pressure. The process of sewer pipe jetting is designed to scour the walls of pipes. Sewer pipe jetting works on different sizes and types of pipes including storm and sewer drain systems. Jetting sewer lines in the Puyallup, WA is best done by professionals.

Hire a reliable pipe jetting services to get the work done professionally. Greenfield Services Inc. is the right choice! We use the latest sewer jetting equipment to professionally do the job. Sewer pipe jetting removes blockage on the inner wall of the pipe, which helps the pipe to get back to the original diameter.

By choosing us for jetting sewer lines around Puyallup, you will experience:

  • Professional services
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Affordable rates

Pipe Jetting Services Puyallup


To enjoy affordable water jet sewer cleaning, hire us for your pipe jetting services in the Puyallup community. Jetting sewer lines is the best procedure for the complete removal of roots, grease and debris build up. One of the main reasons to consider us for sewer pipe jetting is our years of knowledge of pipe jetting services.

Hire us if you want the pipe jetting services from a company which is:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured

The best way to prevent a sewer back-up or blockage is getting routine pipe jetting services. Contact us to do a routine maintenance of your sewer system so that your system continues to run correctly.

Puyallup Sewer Pipe Jetting


Hydro jetting sewer lines is the process of line jetting that has been in use in every industry for unclogging and cleaning specific areas. Jetting sewer lines is a cost-effective way of maintenance and cleaning to prevent the need for extensive repairs.

There are various advantages of having sewer pipe jetting done in the Puyallup area from a professional service provider.

Benefits of jetting sewer lines:

  • Safe for all kinds of pipes
  • Long lasting results
  • Fast and effective
  • Clears blockage and clean the pipe fully

Do not hesitate to give us a call when you are in need of pipe jetting services. We are available 24/7 for emergency sewer pipe jetting.

Call Greenfield Services Inc. at (253) 200-4220 for sewer pipe jetting in the Puyallup area. We offer quick and effective pipe jetting services day or night.