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Jetting Sewer Lines Tacoma


Debris, grease and other things can block sewer lines and affect their functionality. Jetting sewer lines in your Tacoma, WA area residential and commercial property can be a great way to keep the sewer lines running effectively and remain clean. Keeping the sewer lines clean prevents annoying clogs and reduces stress inside sewer pipelines.

Call Greenfield Services Inc. for efficient pipe jetting services on your property. Our hydro-jetting experts will take care of your sewer pipe jetting needs. Hydro jetting is a specialized service that requires:

  • Trained professionals
  • Special equipment
  • Knowledge of hydro-jetting techniques

Jetting sewer lines is not only a fantastic way to clean clogs; regular pipe jetting services prevent clogs from forming inside the sewer lines so you never have to worry.

Pipe Jetting Services Tacoma


We provide professional pipe jetting services in the Tacoma area and have trucks equipped with high powered vacuums and long high pressured water jets. These high-pressure water jets can blast away even the toughest debris causing sewer line blockage.

Call us to schedule a sewer pipe jetting in the Tacoma area by our skilled professionals and to learn about storm drain cleaning costs. Regular pipe jetting services has many benefits:

  • Keeps sewer lines clean
  • Averts inconvenience from flooding and backup
  • Keeps your business running smoothly

Do not let the sludge inside the sewer pipes cause a problem for you. Call us for our expert pipe jetting of sewer lines with a highly pressurized hose and nozzles that will blast away any blockages inside the pipes.

Tacoma Sewer Pipe Jetting


With expert sewer pipe jetting services available in the Tacoma area, drain clogs are no more a concern for homeowners, businesses and industrial facilities. If you are looking for trusted storm drain cleaning contractors, allow us to help you with your storm drain cleanout.

We are your one-stop shop, dealing with multiple services including land clearing, excavation services, jetting sewer lines and more.

When your sewer line has a tough blockage which cannot be cleaned just by using a plumbing snake, we have the right solution for you. Sewer pipe jetting can clear materials that are otherwise extremely difficult to remove including:

  • Invading tree roots
  • Semi-solid slurry
  • Hair and grease buildup

For jetting sewer lines in the Tacoma area by Greenfield Services Inc. call (253) 200-4220. We have a crew of highly trained professionals providing sewer pipe jetting and pipe jetting services.