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Oil Water Separator Tacoma


Take steps toward helping the environment by installing an oil water separator in your Tacoma, WA property. This protects the environment by preventing sediment and oils from getting into the municipal wastewater system.

Whether you own an auto repair shop, parking lot, cash wash, restaurant or industrial facility, it is important for you to have an oil water separator tank installed.

Have the installation done by a professional to enjoy effective results. Choose Greenfield Services Inc. to ensure proper completion of the job.

These units can effectively remove:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Crude oil
  • Vegetable oil

It is an extremely versatile item which is a must for any business or industry dealing with oils of any kind.

Environmental Construction Tacoma


We provide environmental construction work around the Tacoma area. Our environmental construction service is meant for industrial, governmental, commercial property owners and managers. We install grease interceptors and oil water separator tank as a part of our environmental construction services.

We take pride in our environment construction services since we are on a mission to make this world a better and greener place. By hiring us, you are also taking a step towards a better environment. Reasons to choose us for environmental construction work around Tacoma:

  • Cost-effective services
  • Responsible solutions
  • Prompt delivery
  • Timely response

We value your time. Thus, completing the work on time is what we do. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your needs for environmental construction services.

Tacoma Oil Water Separator Tank


Choosing the best oil water separator tank for your Tacoma property can be a little overwhelming. There are several factors that need to be taken into account while buying the unit. Apart from the installation of such units, we also provide guidance in buying them. Let us help you pick the most appropriate unit for your property.

What are things to keep in mind while buying the unit?

  • Size and style
  • Usage
  • Longevity
  • Affordability

By buying the right oil water separator tank that fits the needs of your business, you can be assured that it will help you meet all the local water authority regulations

When you need a company to provide environmental construction around the Tacoma area call Greenfield Services Inc. at (253) 200-4220. We offer installation, repair, and maintenance of oil water separator tanks of all types and sizes.