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Pipe Repair Puyallup


Do you need sewer pipe repair services in the Puyallup, WA area? Place a call to Greenfield Services Inc. The sewer system is one of the most important installations in any residential or commercial property. You cannot settle for anything less than the best services available when it comes to fixing clogged, leaky or broken sewer pipes.

What makes it difficult to know the sewer pipe in good working condition is that it lies underground, out of sight. You do not immediately know if you are having problems. You have to be alert and watch out for tell-tale signs of trouble.

Here are some common signs indicating that you need sewer pipe repair in your Puyallup property may be required:

  • Drains slowing down
  • Multiple drains backing up
  • Sewage odor
  • Gurgling sound from drains

Sewer Pipe Repair Puyallup


Are you wondering what causes sewer pipe damage? The issues with sewer lines vary for different types of pipes. Usually:

  • Cast iron pipes break due to rusting
  • PVC pipes crack due to high water temperature
  • Clay pipes break due to poor installation and earth moving
  • Aging and ground or water pressure damage all types of pipes

No matter what types of pipes are installed in your property and why they break, call us for the sewer pipe repair services you need in Puyallup. Our technicians are trained and experienced at handling all kinds of big and small sewer pipe repair jobs.

After assessing the condition of your sewer pipes, they give you honest advice about the sewer line repair options. We never oversell our services and you can count on us to recommend sewer pipe replacement only if sewer pipe repair is not feasible.

Puyallup Pipe Leak Repair


One of the most common sewer pipe repair jobs carried out by us is pipe leak repair. Most leaks, whether in sewer or water pipes, start small but become aggravated when pipe leak repair is delayed.

Property owners tend to ignore visible leaks like that of faucets or fixtures that seem harmless. Pipe leak repair in cases like underground sewer lines is delayed because they go undetected for so long.

You should call us for pipe leak repair in your Puyallup property as soon as you discover the leakage. Our technicians get the pipe leak repair done:

  • Quickly
  • With lasting solutions
  • Using the most advanced water or sewer line repair methods

Turn to Greenfield Services Inc. for pipe leak repair services in Puyallup. Call (253) 200-4220.