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Potholing Tacoma


When it comes to companies offering potholing services in the Tacoma, WA area, Greenfield Services Inc. is the one you should call. Potholing, also referred to as daylighting, is a process where hydro vacuum excavation technology is used for digging a hole for the purpose of revealing exact horizontal and vertical location of underground utilities.

There are a number of benefits that come from potholing utilities instead of digging with a shovel or backhoe. The technique of daylighting through hydro excavation is:

  • Faster and more accurate
  • Less damaging to the surrounding ground or soil
  • More economical
  • Safer for the utility pipes

The manual and mechanical methods of potholing move more dirt than necessary. This translates into additional time and expenses in backfilling and yard restoration. Calling us for potholing utilities helps Tacoma property owners save time as well as money.

Potholing Utilities Tacoma


There is another reason why hiring our potholing services is a better option. It is because any use of heavy machinery for excavation risks damage to the utility lines and surrounding structures or landscape as well as injury to the people around.

Why invite unnecessary hassles and financial burden when you have the easy alternative of calling us for potholing utilities on your Tacoma area property? Give us a call whenever you need to have your underground utilities visually located for whatever reason and wish to get the work done in a quick, non-destructive way.

We schedule your job quickly and make sure that the technicians sent your way for potholing utilities are:

  • Highly trained and skilled
  • Experienced in carrying out hydro excavation
  • Equipped with trucks having powerful water jets and vacuums

Tacoma Potholing Services


Our company provides potholing services in the Tacoma area for a variety of applications. We are primarily called for potholing utilities to confirm the location of utility pipes so that these are not damaged during digging for a construction or renovation project.

We also offer potholing services for facilitating the installation of poles, posts, fences, and signage. We value the business we get and ensure thoroughly professional handling of any job, big or small, that comes our way.

Some of the key features that make us the experts to call for potholing services are that we:

  • Work fast, but do not compromise on service quality
  • Charge competitive prices
  • Leave the job site clean

Call (253) 200-4220 to speak with the experts at Greenfield Services Inc. for potholing utilities in your Tacoma area property.