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Storm Drain Cleaning Puyallup


Greenfield Services Inc. is a reliable name for storm drain cleaning around Puyallup, WA. With years of expertise, we have helped with storm drain cleaning for many residential and commercial properties. We come to your property, assess the problem, and present you with a viable solution. If you are experiencing frequent drain clogging problems call us.

Our professionals handle all types of storm drain cleaning with the same expertise. We understand the inconvenience that you experience when the drains are clogged and we send our storm drain cleaning team in the Puyallup area quickly. We are known for:

  • Expertise in all types of drains
  • Understanding of intricate techniques necessary
  • Effective handling of wastes

Give us a call the moment you realize you need to have the stormwater drains on your property cleaned. You will be glad you did!

Storm Drain Puyallup


Are you in search of best-rated storm drain cleaning around Puyallup area? Known among the best stormwater drain cleaning services in the city, we know how to clean your clogged catch basins and get the job completed within a short span of time. Storm drainage pipes are different from sewer lines as they do not carry waste or wastewater toward a sewer line, they move water toward the sewer system.

We utilize a variety of mechanical plumbing cleaning tools and manual techniques to remove debris, corrosion, and other waste buildup in the storm drain lines that take water away from a property or home. Regular storm drain pipe cleanings will drastically increase the lifetime and maintenance of your plumbing system and building.

Our cleaning team has received praises for:

  • Unmatched professionalism
  • Use of modern techniques and machinery
  • Reasonable prices

Puyallup Storm Drain


We understand the stormwater drain cleaning job much better than others. Our stormwater drain team around the Puyallup area not only helps in removing wastes from the catch basin but also provides effective waste disposal service. To avoid frequent storm drain clogging, we use high-pressure water jetting.

We help you understand the types of wastes that clog the stormwater drain so that you can take effective measures to cut down on frequent cleaning of your storm drains. Factors leading to clogging of stormwater drain:

  • Trash
  • Solvents or cleaners
  • Animal wastes

To learn more, call us now.

For stormwater drain cleaning around Puyallup, reach the experienced storm drain cleaning service of Greenfield Services Inc. at (253) 200-4220. Our customer care executive will answer all your questions and send someone to help immediately.