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Utility Repair Tacoma


Utility lines are everywhere whether above ground or underground. However, due to many reasons, the utility lines installed at your property can become disturbed and damaged. What you need at such times is quick and efficient utility repair services for your property.

Greenfield Services Inc. is a reliable, professional company specializing in utility repair services for Tacoma, WA area property owners. Our years of experience and technical knowledge of the job gives us an edge over our competitors. Some common reasons that lead to damage of utility lines include:

  • Poor excavation practices
  • Earthquakes or storm damage
  • Root intrusions
  • Corrosion

Do not worry if you notice any such symptoms as we are here for you. Get in touch with our experts for quick utility repairs anywhere in the Tacoma region.

Utility Repair Services Tacoma


Is your sewer line clogged? Is there a leak in the water main lines? Have you noticed any drop in water pressure at your property? All these are signs that you require utility repair services. It is essential to deal with such problems quickly as ignoring repairs can lead to:

  • Pipe bursts and flooding
  • Foul odors everywhere
  • Contaminated water
  • Expensive replacements

Why ignore any minor issue when you know it can evolve into a major disaster. A timely call to our office will not just save you from the need for significant utility repairs but also save you time and money.

Leave the need for the repairs in the expert hands of our technicians. Call us right away for excellent utility repair services in the Tacoma region.

Utility Repairs Tacoma


It is a well-known fact that installing, maintaining and repairing every utility system is a highly technical job. Therefore, one should not cut corners when looking for someone to hire for utility repairs.

You can count on us for top-notch utility repairs as we:

  • Have decades of combined experience
  • Provide pre-scheduled and emergency repair services
  • Send over skilled and professionals technicians
  • Do the job correctly in the first attempt

Whether there is storm damage or a minor hidden leak, we can handle any big or small project with utmost ease. Call us for one of the best utility repairs in the Tacoma area. We make it our priority to deliver efficient and affordable utility repairs to our customers.

Call Greenfield Services Inc. at (253)-200-4220 anytime you want scheduled or emergency utility repair services in and around Tacoma.