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VAC Truck Services1The Large Trucks we use at Washington Storm Drains, have high powered vacuums and very long high pressured water jets that can clean up most any material with ease and store it in a containment tank ready for disposal. This equipment can be used for a wide variety of services including cleaning most any underground piping system such as; sewer and storm drain lines. It can also be used for hydro excavation for those sensitive areas around utility lines. Please contact us for a quote with your project.

​Washington Storm Drains, serves Puyallup, Washington and the surrounding area with the industry’s best Vactor truck services. The vacuum truck excavators we use are designed specifically with cleaning in mind. They are built with high-pressure water jets and strong vacuum suction to blast away debris from within storm drains, sewer systems, and outflow piping, collecting it in a containment tank for later disposal offsite. These same machines can also be used for our comprehensive hydro excavation services, which are performed around sensitive buried utilities like drinking water or gas lines. Excavated materials can be pumped and hauled away or replaced onsite. We handle traditional excavation contracting services, too – no job is too big or too small. Our company’s commitment to outstanding quality in vacuum truck excavation and storm drain cleaning services helps us stand out from the competition. Washington Storm Drains, offers a full range of services for any excavation or utility cleaning project. Call us today for a quote on your next vacuum truck cleaning project, or contact us online to see for yourself why Washington Storm Drains and Green Field Services, Inc., is the Puyallup area’s best excavation services contractor.

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