Welcome to Greenfield Services Inc.

Welcome to Greenfield Services Inc.

Here at green field services we take pride in providing the highest quality work possible. We have a highly trained crew, with decades of combined experience. We provide all excavation, and underground utility services. Including land clearing, mass excavation, structural excavation, grading and compacting, sewer storm and water mainlines, installation of all underground structures. We also service lines for all wet utilities.
Vac Truck Services
The Large Trucks we use at Washington Storm Drains, have high powered vacuums and very long high pressured water jets that can clean up most any material with ease and store it in a containment tank ready for disposal.
Excavation Contracting Services
Hydro Excavator Services

Our Services

Vac Truck

This equipment can be used for a wide variety of services


Excavation is used when materials need to be removed from a jobsite, and this can take several forms.

Hydro Excavator

Hydro excavation is used when traditional digging equipment cannot be employed