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Hydro Excavator1Greenfield Services is the Puyallup, Washington area expert in hydro excavation services. Our company can handle large or small hydro vacuum excavation projects in Puyallup and the surrounding communities. Hydro excavation is used when traditional digging equipment cannot be employed, such as around sensitive underground utilities like buried electrical or communication lines may be present. This method of excavation is also suitable around drinking water supply lines and gas mains to prevent damage to delicate utilities.

Greenfield employs specially-designed Vactor vacuum cleaning trucks that are equipped with powerful water jets and industrial-strength vacuum suction to blast away even stubborn soils and debris. The material is collected in a containment tank for disposal offsite or back into the excavated area. These specialized trucks are also suitable for our comprehensive vacuum truck cleaning services, which can be used to clean sewer lines and storm drains with ease. In addition to hydro excavation, our company proudly offers traditional excavation contracting services for land clearing, residential sewer digging projects, and structural excavation. Our highly-skilled technicians have decades of experience to perform difficult jobs, and our flexibility allows us to tackle any size project. Visit our services page to learn more about Greenfield’s project expertise.

With our experience and the company’s dedication to top-quality excavation contracting services, it’s easy to see why Greenfield Services, Inc. is the industry leader in our area. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the tools to perform cleaning and excavation projects for a variety of needs. Contact us online or call today for a quote on your next excavation project.

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